→ We speak electric !


→ We promptly answer to the phone +4 0372 741 308 or by e-mail with the speed of light at: contact@wattunit.com

→ We are also available in our office in: Comuna Agigea, DN38, Parcela A326/49 – Lot 1, județul: Constanta, ROMANIA.

Offer Department

Director Ing. Ionut Simion
Tel: 0731790937

Project Department

Director Ing. Nicoleta Zufa
Tel: 0758071123

Software & Automation Department

Director Ing. Alin Mihailescu
Tel: 0726288787

Production Department

Director Ing. Dan Ghiorghita
Tel: 0734006950

Business Director

Dipl. Ing. Dorin Delca
Tel: 0734555579
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