→ We speak electric !

We shed light on:
Water treatment plants, distribution networks and sewerage systems in Giurgiu, Bolintin Vale, Mihailesti, Constanta, Galati, Faure Pitesti, Constanta and Galati hospitals and oil extraction units in Bacau
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Electrical minds with high technical skills.

→ A company of engineering, procurement and project management of electrical systems made up of specialists with a long experience in the field.

→ We have brilliant minds and magical hands. We engage in big and complex projects as well as in smaller and more experimental ones.

→ Technology is second nature and there is no challenge out there that can take us down.

What we do

→ We are connecting ideas and we activate all of our resources so that we can successfully close the circuit.
→ We’ve got the skills and the best ways to organize the development of the entire technical process, from the designing stage to commissioning.
→ We are only doing the things for which we are perfectly trained and we’ve got all the necessary certifications for our projects.
→ We are electrical engineers, project managers and project supervisors, authorized by The Romanian Authority for the Regulation in the Energy Sector (ANRE).

We develop

→ We electrify by contracting, design, procuring, installing, consulting and project managing.

→ We are lighting things up taking responsaiblity for our client’s budget as well as the environment.

We handle

→production of electrical panels;

→electrical installations;

→electrical networks;

→electrical design;

→electrical power grids;

→automation and SCADA.

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