→ We speak electric !


→ We electrify by contracting, designing, procuring, installing, consulting and project management.

→ We are lighting things up taking responsaiblity for our client’s budget as well as the environment.

→ The solution that we offer is always going to be simple, flexible, financially advantageous.

→ You choose the level of our involvement.

→ Our services meet high standards, no matter how small or big a project may be.

→ Also, we have the expertise that allows us to manage projects regardless of the stage where they stand at the time we request are requested to intervene. You can rely on us in the development phase of the project, call us during critical moments or even rebuilding when needed.

→ You are always the main decision-maker, as the owner, but we can give a hand and help with:

→ developing a specification;
→ selection and design solution;
→ selection of suppliers;
→ contracts for the purchase of equipment;
→ issuing guarantees for equipment;
→ electric wiring;
→ machining panels;
→ BIPs;
→ administrative matters;
→ budget management.

→ You have great financial flexibility;
→ You are well informed throughout the entire process;
→ You can evaluate properly when it is better to teach or take the initiative / control;
→ You can easily avoid some disputes or legal impediments.

→ As promoters and developers of integrated power systems, we aim to infrastructure, buildings and industrial projects involving major investments in the long term. We take any challenge and design complex electrical systems without flaws or inhibitions.

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